Coastal Water Guides LLC - Shinnecock Inlet, Long Island, New York

Pricing for Wreck Diving Charters (price is per diver)
Price includes transport to and from the wreck for one diver with dive gear.
Please keep in mind that the crew works for tips, 15%-20% is customary.

$120. Panther, Shinnecock II, Mandy Ray, The Fort
$130. Crane Barge (Mombo), Panty, Jug, Miller, Gull
$140. Bullet, Andrea Jean, Oregon
$180. Coimbra, Dry Dock, Sinmar, Lightening Bay, Hound
Suggestions on what to bring on your charter:
Small cooler for fillets/lobsters, snacks, drinks, hat, sunglasses, camera, sweatshirt and shoes/boots that can get a little wet.