Coastal Water Guides LLC - Shinnecock Inlet, Long Island, New York
Wreck Diving information
  The HALFTIME is a 31' BHM commercial diveboat that is set up as a 6 pack. She has a christmas tree dive ladder with a large swim platform. We leave the dock promptly at 7am for dive locations within 15 miles and 6am for the Oregon, Coimbra and the other deep water shipwrecks. There is a private marine toilet and plenty of dry storage in the bow. The captain and crew understand the demands of northeast wreck diving and we enjoy the process of getting new divers comfortable with wreck diving in the Northeast. We also love the challenge of catering to the most demanding technical divers.

Oaklands Marina, Dune Rd, Hampton Bays, NY

wrecks in less than 100'
Panther (ocean tugboat) 60'
Shinnecock Two (fishing dragger) 65'
Mandy Ray (fishing dragger) 85'
The Fort (crew quarters on the artificial reef) 85'

dives deeper than 100' require a bailout bottle
Crane Barge/Mombo (old steel barge) 115'
Panty (old schooner) 125'
Gull (old barge) 125'
Miller (old schooner) 130'
Oregon (old 500' luxury liner) 130'
Fitzpatrick/Jug (old schooner) 135'
Bullet (old schooner) 145'
Andrea Jean (old schooner) 160'

dives deeper than 170' require trimix certification
Coimbra (WW2 oil freighter) 185'
Dry Dock (dry dock cradle) 195'
Sinmar (fishing dragger) 195'
Lightening Bay (fishing dragger) 195'
Hound (fishing dragger) 195'
   All divers MUST have valid C-cards that prove they are qualified for the planned dive. All divers are responsible for themselves when they leave the boat to dive, including returning up the anchor line and all required deco obligations for the dive. A release of liability form must be signed prior to entering the water.

    Emergency care and O2 will be available. The captain and crew are CPR and first aid certified and will provide emergency care until the Coast Guard arrives.

    All dive trips must be paid in full prior to the scheduled dive unless other arrangements are made with the Captain. If the dive is canceled because of bad weather no fare is charged and the full fee is returned.

    Halftime Wreck Diving
PO Box 705
   Hampton Bays, NY 11946